Michael Irvin Fantasy Football Picks 12-22-16

//Michael Irvin Fantasy Football Picks 12-22-16

Michael Irvin Fantasy Football Picks 12-22-16

1) Jarvis Landry vs Bills
Matt Moore has found the star of this team and he will continue to feed him.

2) Dez Bryant vs Lions
My son has not had the HUGH game this season. This Monday night stage will serve him well.

3) Steve Smith Sr vs Steelers
This is the type of game (a tough, hard hitting, rivalry) when a small TRIPLE S (Steve Smith Sr) always stands the tallest.

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  1. jay heller January 13, 2017 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    Dear Mr. Irvin,
    I’m a Giants fan, or as most Giants fans would say, I’m a fan of two teams…I root for the giants and whoever is playing the Cowboys. Now, to be fair, my father was a Navy vet so I rooted for those evil Cowboys when Roger was there but after that, hated ’em….still do. And, sorry to say, I was never a fan of the U. So basically, I’ve rooted against you for your entire career. I was against your posturing, your attitude, your loud mouth, the stupid blue star on your helmet, Everything.

    That being said, and it took a while to get to this point, I think you are FAR and AWAY the best football commentator on TV. You are knowledgeable, prepared, incisive, funny, smart, and any other positive adjective i never would have thought to describe you with. It’s really educational, fun, and a downright pleasure to watch your show, to watch you work these days. I congratulate you on the job you do and I reallys making Sundaysy root for you to have continued success with your Academy and your network You’re a great man, Mr. Irvin and that’s just not an easy thing for me to say about any Cowboy. Best of luck to you and thanks for always making Sundays fun.

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