From playing football as a boy and growing up to have his own family, Michael has learned a lot of life lessons not just from being a teammate and colleague at work but also as a father.

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Most people today might not realize it but fatherhood is not just being able to take care of your family financially but also being there for them in different ways.

Being a father is not like showing up for work every day and being good at your job.

Fatherhood is a commitment; a commitment to do the acts that you need and want to do for your family every day, for a lifetime.

Fatherhood is not like a course you learn in university where you get a diploma certifying you are ready and able to fulfill the role. In fact, some fathers didn’t expect to be in that role and even some fathers who did expect to be in that role are still not ready to fulfill the role when their first baby is born.

Father is a word we associate with many things. Although I have been describing it as a role, I think it is more accurate to say that IT IS A LIFESTYLE.

And you keep learning about how to become a better one even as you strive to become a good one every day.

Michael Irvin - Fatherhood
Michael Irvin - Fatherhood