• Emmanuel Sanders
  • A.J. Brown
  • Cooper Kupp

Hey what’s up peeps. This is Michael Playmaker Irvin. Now I’m coming from my suite here in Baltimore. You can see that beautiful shot right there on the harbor because it sold cold out here. Let me go this way so you see me better without this here light coming in. But it’s so cold outside that it’s hard to stand outside. I love doing it at the stadium but it’s just too cold. I got a brave this cold just for the show today. Let me give you my fantasy receivers for week 15 of the NFL season.

Number one I want to go with Emmanuel Sanders from the San Francisco 49ers as they get ready to take on the Atlanta Falcons. Let me tell you now. The Falcons will come in and try to stop that great run game that they have in San Francisco. Which will leave or even try to stop George Kittle. That’s a bad boy right there. And Emmanuel Sanders will be going off. Because they’re developing a great relationship. Garoppolo and Emmanuel Sanders they had a great game just a week ago. Look for him to continue playing great like he did against those New Orleans Saints.

Number two A.J. Brown. I gotta give this dude credit. From the Tennessee Titans as they face the Texans. He said it. When we were at the Combine A.J. Brown came over to the side and he saw Steve Smith Sr. and me. He said “Listen guys you guys are sleeping on me. I’m going to be the one that makes a difference in this League. Soon as I get in the league.” And boy he has truly kept his word. With Ryan Tannehill here throwing the ball, now A.J. Brown receiving the ball, and  Derek Henry running the ball. Tennessee has quietly build them a nice little triplets right there. A.J. has like two games of over 140 or 150 yards. I don’t think any other rookie is ever done that. I know I had one game 149 yards my rookie year against the Redskins three touchdowns I put up with that. But were not talk about me. Take A.J. Brown he’s another man that will get down this week.

My third one hurts me because I wanted to go with Amari Cooper here against the Rams but I’m looking at Jalen Ramsey and Amari Cooper, that’s going to be a tough match up for Amari Cooper because Ramsey very physical. I also look on that same game and  look at Cooper Kupp. That’s my third guy. Cooper Kupp in the middle. With now the way Todd Gurley started to get rolling again. Everybody’s has to focused on stopping the run. When you come up stopping the run Cooper Kupp can hurt the Dallas Cowboys. I hate saying that but is true.  He can put damage on the Dallas Cowboys. Imagine what Cole Beasley did on Thanksgiving and Cole Beasley is good. But Cooper Kupp may be a little bit better. I’m telling you right now take Cooper Kupp against my Dallas Cowboys.

Emmanuel Sanders, take A.J. Brown, take Cooper Kupp that’s my week 15 fantasy wide receivers.