• Julian Edelman
  • Davante Adams
  • Deebo Samuel

Hey what’s up. This is the Playmaker here for week 12. I want to give you my fantasy receivers. I’m right here in NRG Stadium because we got a great battle night. Colts vs Texas. Look for that game. It’s going to be a great game. It’s a big wide receiver play that will go on in this game but none of my guys are coming from this game.

I got to start with this my number one guy. It hurts me to put them up here but I know it’s going down this weekend and that number one guy is Julian Edelman vs those Cowboys. You’ve heard of Tom Brady. He talked about it. He said that their living on the defenses special teams. Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. He has said that the offenses is the weakest link for the Patriots. Now the patriots are going up against the Dallas Cowboys and they want to snatch way that title of America’s Team. The Patriots wear red white blue. They been doing all the winning. They want to be America’s team. Look for Tom Brady and Julian Edelman to be on point with that short passing game as they try to get their offense back on track. You know I hope it doesn’t happen but look for it anyway. Good chance it may happen.

Also my other two receivers are coming from one game. Oh people you are going to love this game. That’s right the Sunday night game. Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers. I giving you two receivers from that game. Because they will be going at each other. Davante Adams boy he’ll have a great game against the 49ers defense. Can’t wait to see him and Richard Sherman lock it up and go at it right there. But on the other side. Emmanuel Sanders had that cartilage a couple weeks ago. I know how painful that is and how long that lasts. But go with Deebo Samuel. He showing up now. Had him 100 yards a couple weeks ago and he starting to play the game like he knows how to play the game. Because Jimmy Garoppolo is playing very good football now. Jimmy Garoppolo can play like he played week every week. San Fran may end up in that title game.

I’m telling you those are my three wide receivers for week 12 of the NFL season.