• Michael Thomas
  • Keenan Allen
  • D Hop

Hey what’s up everybody. This is the Playmaker here week 11. I’m out here in Cleveland with Cleveland and Pittsburgh will start week 11. You see that it’s so cold out here you can see my breath. By let’s call this week 11 bounce back week. Here my fantasy wide receivers for this week that are bouncing back.

Michael Thomas versus the Bucs. You know they lost against Atlanta last week. So Drew Brees will make sure he’s bouncing back in that game is in Tampa. It won’t be cold like this. The weather will be great. And Drew Brees will be throwing the ball all over the place. So take Michael Thomas.

Also it’s bounce back week for those Chargers. They lost last week to the Raiders. And they’re going up this week against this week the Chiefs. And you know them Chiefs. Patrick Mahon thrown the ball over the field. So expect you have to match that to stay in that game and that’s Keenan Allen. He is going to be blessed because if there throwing the ball that meets the Charges have to throw the ball Keenan Allen will be making plenty of plays.

Now’s it’s not a bounce back week for D Hop on the Texans. Because the Texans had last week off. But for Deshaun Watson versus Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson will show that nobody in the NFL can run the football like he is does from the quarterback position. But Deshaun Watson will tell him alright buddy let me see if you can throw the ball like I can and that means I’m going to throw the ball a lot to D Hop. Take D Hop man versus those Ravens. That’s going to be a great game.

Those are my fantasy receivers for week 11.