• Michael Thomas
  • Julio Jones
  • Davante Adams

Hey let me give you my three guys this week. For fantasy even though I know for most people the fantasy football is over for the year but still I want to have fun with you and talk about fantasy receivers for week 17. Nobody uses week 17. Only because nobody knows who’s going to play. So let me give some guys that’ll play just so you can measure it up anyway. You know you see I still have on my Redskins colors because I still pull from my Cowboys to win this game.

Number one is Michael Thomas versus the Panther. Michael Thomas is still trying to add onto his record. He needs another hundred yards to tie Calvin Johnson and myself for the most 100 yards games in a regular season. So he’ll go for that record. Take Michael Thomas.

Julio Jones against the Buccaneers. Always Julio Jones against the Buccaneers. Those guys are hurting receivers for the Bucks. So Julio Jones will get a lot opportunity to show that he’s the man of the day.

Davante Adams for the Packers versus the Lions. Take Davante Adams as the top three fantasy wide receivers for week 17.

Yeah you can see I’m on the set of GameDay Morning. Just having a little bit of fun right here. I want to say guys also happy holidays to everybody. I wish you had a great seasoning on real NFL football, great season of Fantasy Football. More importantly a great season with family. There call me over there to get back to work. Good day guys.