• Alshon Jeffrey
  • Odell Beckham Jr.
  • Sammy Watkins

Hey what’s up man. I’m out here you know in Soldier Field. You see the stadium in the background. You got all these people around because the cowboys are playing tonight. But let me give you all my fantasy guys for week 14 right here.

I want to start with number one. I’m in a stay in the NFC East. Since the cowboys are trying to win the East. And I want to go that Monday night game. I’m talking about with Eli Manning on one side. On the other side Philadelphia has to stay look for Alshon Jeffrey to go off. Because he’s going to throw the ball to Alshon Jeffrey often and Alshon shall be making plays.

Number two Odell Beckham Jr.. They’re playing the Cincinnati Bengals. They lost last week to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s averaging 67 yards per game. That’s the lowest in his career. The Cleveland Browns are probably about out of it. So right now it’s just about making amends with Odell. They’ll be throwing him the ball quite a bit. Go Odell Beckham Jr..

My third guy. I bantered back and forth on this. If Kansas City is going to beat New England. They have to have the other guy make plays. Bill Belichick is going to take Tyreek Hill out of the game and make sure he doesn’t do it. So it comes down to Sammy Watkins. You gotta step up and make plays just like those other receiver made plays for the Houston Texas to beat New England last week. Sammy Watkins will have to make plays to step up to beat New England this week.

Those are my fantasy receivers for week 14.