Join me, the Playmaker, Michael Irvin, for a truly extraordinary training experience – both on and off the football field!

DALLAS @ UNT campus
July 9-12, 2018

NEW JERSEY @ Newton High School
June 9, 2018

The Playmakers Academy
Perfectly Executed!

Famous for being a “playmaker” in football, Michael has learned valuable life lessons on how to play the game of life without losing your direction along the way to your goals. The Playmakers Academy teaches young athletes how to develop strength of character and use the skills they need to win in any game – whether it be in football or in life.

Michael Irvin, The Playmaker

Michael Irvin, The Playmaker

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“Young athletes will not only learn from me, but also from his my colleagues, former and current players, friends, and business personalities who have worked with me over the years. Attendees will be taught important lessons on leadership and entrepreneurship from the CEOs and celebrities themselves who have become successful in their own careers and businesses. The Playmakers Academy puts all these people and important lessons in one place, so that learning can be comprehensive and complete for all participants.”

“Young athletes will not only learn from me, but also from his my teammates, colleagues, friends, and business personalities who have worked with me over the years.”

“Life is a game but there are no hard and fast rules. Instead, we find that the rules change easily and most people end up confused or losing their way.”

“Football Can Help Teach Athletes about the Game of Life… “

“Trust Me, I Will Be at Every Practice!”

Join Michael Irvin on his PMA Events this summer!

MICHAEL IRVIN – The Playmaker Academy

Find out more information about the PMA in Dallas, July 9-12, 2018, at University of North Texas, Denton, TX!

The Playmaker Academy with The Anti-Bully Squad

Join Michael Irvin for this one-day camp in New Jersey, in June 9th, 2018 at Newton High School.

“Become a Champion!”

“I Get to Invite My Friends!”


“Planning for Greatness at Playmakers Academy “


If this sounds intriguing to you, enroll now to take part in Michael Irvin’s Playmakers Academy Training Camp where young athletes ages 7-18 years old develop, not just football skills, but also learn the important life lessons that professional football players and businessmen focus on being a team player, being a leader and being an engaged father.

Michael Irvin:
“I am often asked, what is important to me about the Playmakers Academy…”

 Find out what happened in the previous edition of PMA, back in 2016!

During the four-day intensive, the young athletes received in-depth instructions, lectures and demonstrations from an experienced coaching staff and also learned from the life lessons shared by and discussed with actual, experienced professionals in the sport.

Professional players and the coaching staff know from experience that proper techniques make better athletes and good athletes great! The Playmakers Academy Training Camp provided the players with the best trainers. Michael Irvin was joined by Nate Newton, Damien Wilson, and Darren Woodson also on the field to assist in the live field practices.

These pros’ and the trainees’ families provided encouragement coupled with an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the players. Parents were always on hand to watch the practices during the camp. The campers’ parents and relatives all enjoyed attending the final practice and awards ceremony on the last day of the Playmakers Academy Training Camp.

Every camper went home a better football player. Many parents felt that the unique training camp had provided their children not just knowledge and basic skills on the game of football, but in addition, they also learned about teamwork, consideration for others, self-discipline and how to harness their potential in sports to become better players and how to apply this knowledge and these techniques to their life as a whole.

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Nate Newton, Damien Wilson, and Darren Woodson joined Michael Irvin at the Playmakers Academy Training Camp, 2016

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