• Emmanuel Sanders
  • Marquise Brown
  • Golden Tate

Hey what’s up this is Michael. I’m supposed to have the week off. I not Oakland because you know with the London trip they said I work too much. And I do. I’m a workaholic. So I’m supposed to have this week off and you know what I’m doing? Sitting at the airport about to get on my plane and fly to LA to shoot a Frito-Lay commercial. Instead of taking the day off. I fill in more work. That’s what you call a workaholic.

Let me get to my week 10 fantasy wide receivers. I want to start this thing off with their big game. The Seahawks and the 49ers. I’m telling you take Emmanuel Sanders. Emmanuel Sanders is the final piece to that masterpiece that they’re putting together in San Francisco. The Seahawks have been given up points, fantasy points to wide receivers all year long. Emmanuel Sanders will make them pay. Take Emmanuel Sanders.

You know who else you take Marquise Brown. After that beat down. Didn’t mean to rhyme but it happened again. That they put on New England in the run game. Cincinnati will come up and try to stop all of the run game and expect Marquise Brown to go downtown and make big plays. Now all they need. Is some Marquise action to show. I know you can do at your legs. I need you do with your arms also. Marquise Brown big day.

My third fantasy receiver. I  watched him Monday night when I was sitting in that box with Jerry Jones and the guys. Did you see it happened again on Monday night. Against the Dallas Cowboys. A New York Giants wide receiver snatched his hand up in the air and snatched that ball down from between heaven and earth with one hand. Made an incredible play. Write down by the goal line again. Write down by the end zone again. Just like a few years ago. Man take Golden Tate incredible. Golden Tate and Daniel Jones they’re building a little chemistry there. They will be battling for the rights to the City of New York. Take the Giants over the Jets but also take Golden Tate because he shall play big also.

Those are my fantasy receivers for week 10. This is the Playmaker. Make sure you sign on to Playmaker’s.