• Julian Edelman
  • D.J. Moore
  • Odell Beckham Jr.

Hey what’s up guys. This is me the Playmaker. I had to step outside of my suite here in London to do this and get some good light so you can see my face. But anyway let’s start on this week 9 fantasy wide receivers for this great week. I’m so upset that I’m not there in person to see San Francisco and Arizona go at it in Arizona. Because I love what I’m seeing with the San Francisco 49ers. That being said let’s get this moving.

My number one wide receiver for this week, listen to what I’m saying, is Julian Edelman. You got N’Keal Harry coming back. You got Mohamed Sanu trying to work in. But the guy that he will always have working, that right, the guy he will always have working is Julian Edelman. And with Lamar Jackson trying to take it air out of the ball. Man Julian Edelman going to be so important to keeping the ball moving. Because he’s going to be the run game. The short passing is going to be a run game for the New England Patriots. Julian Edelman will be a good pickup for you this week.

My number two guy is D.J. Moore vs Tennessee. That’s right more you saw what D.J. Moore, you saw what happened with Carolina last week against those San Francisco 49ers. Those 49ers beat them up. The only way Kyle Allen can stay on the field to get one more weekend is to show up and tear up the Tennessee defense. That’s right so his going have to put the ball in the air to keep the air out of the ball and keep Cam Newton on the sideline. Look for D.J. Moore to have a great game because that ball will be in the air a lot for Kyle Allen and Norv Turner. I love Norv Turner. You know I won a couple of super Bowls with Norv. I know he knows how to call those plays.

And my third guy. You know it has to happen. It cannot stay down forever when you have that kind of talent. Everybody’s been down on the Cleveland Browns. Everybody’s been down on the Cleveland Browns. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. It just happened that way. But everybody has been down on the Cleveland Browns. So expect Odell Beckham Jr., that’s right Odell Beckham Jr. , everybody’s been taking him out. You saw what New England did to him. Everybody takes him out of out the game play. Denver they will not. Denver has enough problems on their own. They can’t focus on trying to take out one guy. They will not be able to stop him and  Freddie Kitchens knows Odell’s going to be quiet only for so long. You have two start giving him that ball. And they will start giving him that ball this week vs Denver.

Those are my fancy ride receivers for week nine. I’m here over here in London. Where I can say tally-ho old chap. See you next week.