• Tyler Lockett
  • TY Hilton
  • Robert Woods

Hey listen what’s up? Michael Irvin I’m coming to you live with my week eight fantasy wide receivers. You’ll see that right here at U.S. Bank. What a beautiful stadium. Let me get right to it. Number 1 I want to go with Tyler Lockett. You know Tyler Lockett is have an incredible year. He’s at least 4 reception. At least 50 yard in 6 straight games. On pace for his first thousand yard season. Russell Wilson has a perfect passer rating with targeting Tyler Lockett. He will do that thing until Atlanta South. Take Tyler Lockett as your fantasy receiver.

Number 2 TY Hilton. TY Hilton five TDs this season. Five TDs. Tied for third in the league right now and hasn’t had one 100 yard game yet. Denver you know where Denver is going there they got a fire sale. Let me tell you what I always tell people. I always say “hope will dictate effort, you give me great hope I give you great up effort, you give me little hope I give you little effort” and right now for those Denver’s Broncos when there’s a fire sale going they lose hope they give less effort and that’s exactly why the Broncos will give a lot of points to TY Hilton.

My 3 guy Robert Woods for the Rangers. They’re going up against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Let me tell you something on that offense has had a big day. Now Todd Gurley is not running football like he used to. The Rams are throwing the football more. I’ve seen Cooper Kupp go off. I’ve seen Brandon Cooks go off. But I haven’t seen Robert Woods go off. Look for this week, week eight will be Robert Woods week. He shall do that thing against those Bangles that’s my fantasies receivers for the week 8.