• Tyreek Hill
  • Michael Gallup
  • Brandin Cooks

That’s right you guys see it, this is Denver, man. We got Denver Broncos. They play right here, but let me give you my fantasy receivers for week seven. I want to start with right here in this game with my number one dude That’s Tyreek Hill. Tyreek Hill. People he’s back. Did you see that play last week. It was an incredible play. Every  jump up, the other guys were coming down, and he was still going up and caught the ball and muscled his way over 2 guys. Tyreek Hill 18 receptions  of 40+ yards. That’s the most since 2017. He’ll have one tonight. but a lot of his work will be short passes that he makes big plays. Tyreek Hill is number one.

Number two and I hope I’m doing this with my head not my heart. But Michael Gallup it’s time to show up and man up. You want to show that you can be number one receiver this week is the week against Philadelphia. Philadelphia is number one at giving up fantasy points to wide receivers. You make sure you don’t buck that trend. You go in and get it. Mark Cooper may be down out. You gotta stand tall and proud. I’m taking Michael Gallup. You do the same.

My third one is Brandin Cooks. That’s right the Rams have a little slide and they gotta get back on point and the Rams are going up against Atlanta. Atlanta is number two at giving up points to wide receivers. Brandin Cooks get going today and help out the Ram team and get them back on track.

That’s my fantasy wide receivers for week seven.