• D Hop (DeAndre Hopkins)
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Curtis Samuel

Hey what’s up everybody? This is the Playmaker Michael Irvin I’m coming to you live this week. I’m not in New England for the football game. I’m all the way in London. That’s right,  tally-ho old chap tally-ho old chap in London for the game here, the Tampa and Carolina game. Let me tell something when I first got here I said tally-ho to someone. You know what they said. They haven’t said that since the 1920s. They said Michael that’s an American thing that everyone keeps saying when they come over here so if you ever get over this way discard the tally-ho old chap thing. Let that go, that’s something they don’t say anymore.

Let me get to my fantasy receivers for this week. First off I want to start with D Hop. That’s right the Texans are going up against the Chiefs and you know the Chiefs. Boom, boom, boom. They throw bombs all over the place and the Texans will have to keep up. Last week Will Fuller, Will Fuller went off. Will Fuller had 214 yards for the Texans while D Hopkins only had 7 for 88. I love the number 88.Tthat’s why he’s on my list this week, but look for D Hop to go off as Kansas City tries to stop the big passing and give all the small stuff to D Hop and he will explode. I love D Hopkins this week versus Kansas City.

My next guy Stefon Diggs. You guys have seen it, you’ve heard it, I use the poem to describe what was going on in Minnesota with Kirk Cousins. I’m gonna give you that poem right fast. It goes on like this.

I walked a mile with pleasure and she chattered the away but left me none the wiser for all she had to say I walked one mile with sorrow and never one word said she but all the things I learned when sorrow walked with me.

Now I’m telling you something right now. Listen Kirk Cousin you walked a mile with sorrow last week before last week’s game learn all you need to learn to sorrow so you can stop saying you’re sorry and he did he learn great things and he got the ball to Adam Thielen. Adam Thielen had 130 yards last week while Stefon Diggs on had 44, it’s his fourth game of the year with 50 or fewer yards now Curtis said I’m sorry to Adam Thielen, this week he’s going to say I’m sorry to Stefon Diggs. It’s the Vikings the versus the Eagles and the Eagles have been playing well so they’ll need to put up a lot of offense. Look for Stefon Diggs to jump out.

My last final guy is Curtis Samuel, that’s right Curtis Samuel versus Tampa Bay- Carolina have. you seen this dude called Alan Thorne? The Carolina Panthers Norm Turner has been doing great things over there.

Get involved with this watch what happens in Carolina. I think Cam Newton may been Wally Pipped. That means you never get this job back if they continue win the way they are winning right now. Tampa is given up more points to slot wide receivers than anybody in the National Football League and Curtis Samuel will come out and have a big day.

Those my guys for this week so tune in, get in, and always make sure you win . See You Next Week Peeps.