• Keenan Allen
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Tyler Locke

Hey what’s up man? It’s the Playmaker Michael Irvin coming up to you again.

This time, see that right there, at the CenturyLink field for this big game tonight it is the Seahawks versus the Rams big NFC West competition.  You gotta check it out. That’s on the NFL network right here.

We can talk a little fantasy football. I want to give you my guys. My first guy’s Keenan Allen. Keenan Allen is the number one fantasy receiver right now. He’s the baddest man in the world, and now he is going up against Denver. Bradley Chubs, he’s hurt. That means no pressure will be put on Philip Rivers. More time for Philip Rivers, more yards, more catches, more touchdowns for Keenan Allen. Take Keenan Allen that’s my man.

You know who else? My second guy Sammy Watkins. That’s right. I know you haven’t heard from you since week one. Week one he had 198 yards. The last three weeks combined he did not have 198 yards. In other words he had more yards in week one then he did in weeks two, three, and four combined. Sammy Watkins will get back on his pace tonight. Because Tyreek Hill just started practicing, he knows he better get on in before Tyreek Hill gets back because he will shut it down when Tyreek Hill gets back.

Now the third guy. He plays in this game tonight. Tyler Locke y’all know Tyler Locke. Never had a 1000 yards and right now and he’s on pace for a 1000 yard season. Not just a thousand yard season he’s actually on pace for 1300 yards. Oh my God he’s taken over the number one spot. He’s teaching DK Metcalf how to play the game. Take Tyler Locke as a playmaker for me tonight. I love the young dude. I watch him grow up since he was just a little kid. Now he has  turned into a real man. And he plays manlike football on the field.

That’s the-Playmaker giving you the Playmaker’s for this week.