• D Hop (DeAndre Hopkins)
  • Amari Cooper
  • Cooper Krupp

Hey what’s up man. I usually do this in my motel room but I could not wait. This is such a historic place in Green Bay. Let me give you my 3 fantasy football picks.

Number one D Hop. D Hop 40 yards two weeks ago 60 yards last week trust me this Carolina team will go off and have a big fantasy day. D hop and you know the other two.

The Cooper boys. Amari Cooper going up against the Saints. The Saints give up so many fantasy points to wide receiver and Amari Cooper is playing great ball. The Cowboys are going to the dome and Amari Cooper will do his thing.

And another Cooper dude, Cooper Krupp, that’s right Cooper Krupp is so bad and he’ll be all over those Buccaneers. Cooper Krupp will have a big day as the Rams beat the Bucks.

That’s my fantasy wide receivers for week 4.