• John Roush
  • Alan Robinson
  • Larry Fitzgerald

Hey what’s up peeps? The Playmaker here. I’m coming to you from Jacksonville. You know site of the Thursday night game Jacksonville and Tennessee. A lot going on with Jalen Ramsey . We would be all of that in the pregame show. But that’s on the NFL network. That’s not right here.

I want to first tell you also. Whenever I come to Jacksonville it reminds me of pain. Just flat out pain. It was 05’ the Super Bowl was here, I was here in the same hotel when I got the a call that I did not make the Hall of Fame. I remember being with my wife, man I just curled up in bed in the fetal position and cried all night long. Then I had to stop crying, wake up and go over to the set I was working with ESPN and put on a happy face because Steve Young got in and I did not get in and I could not ruin his moment with my pain, so I had suppressed that pain that’s a story for another day. I can’t even get into talking to you about it right now because it brings up such pain for me so will do that another day. Let’s get down to business that we are here to talk about and those of the guys that I’m telling you will make an impact this week.

My first guy I want to give him credit because he stepping up making plays and blowing my mind with the place he’s making without Ajay Green and course the Cincinnati Bengals are winning any games but John Roush is number two in fantasy points right now because he has been making plays I never put the tag of Playmaker on John Roush but he started to earn just that. He is a Playmaker John Roush will make some plays. That’s the Bengals versus the Bills.

My next guy. I always call him when I see the little Playmaker that’s Alan Robertson the Chicago Bears as a go up against the Washington Redskins. You know the Redskins are giving more fantasy points to wide receivers than anybody in the world. Maybe not the world. Let’s just say in the NFL the Washington Redskins have been very giving and in the Christmas spirit when it comes to fantasy points for the wide receivers and Alan Robertson will step up and take his moment as showing the world that he is a Playmaker.

My third guy is probably my most favorite guy I would say in the whole NFL I love this dude, man I love and like a brother such a great dude and I’m telling you he’s one of the best men you will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever hear about read about or know and that’s Larry Fitzgerald the Arizona Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald, man, Tyler Murray right now he’s throwing the ball an average of 47 times a game, 47 times a game and Larry Fitzgerald is simply one of the best to ever play the game so you get him cause he is and always been a Playmaker. I love him like a little brother. He is my man.

I gave them to you John Roush, Alan Robinson, and the greatest dude in the world Larry Fitzgerald. I’ll see you next week.