• Mike Evans
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • Keenan Alan

Hey Listen, what’s up everybody? Look, I am sitting in my suite at the Ritz Carlton, getting ready for the game tomorrow in Carolina that I will be doing. I’m going to tell you something right now.

Week 1 is always tough because we don’t have any data to go on, we just looking at things and trying to make assessment of things with no real data since no one plays in the pre- season. But now we got a little data to work with and let’s work with that data.

Let me tell you, since i’m in Carolina I want to start with my guy Mike Evans. I know Mike Evans didn’t have the game he wanted last week against san Francisco, he only called 2 for 28 yards, but Mike Evans was sick. Last week he sacrificed and still played for his team mates. Now tomorrow night against Carolina, James Winston will have a better day finding Mike Evans, he’ll have a better day feeling better and he’ll show up and play big, they’ll find him deep and they’ll find him in the end zone. I got Mike Evans having a big day

And my other guy, JuJu Smith-Schuster. Understand this JuJu, you’re number one receiver, and no number one receiver have a big day against Bill Belichick. He focuses all his attention on that number one receiver and makes someone else beat him. Of course you guys couldn’t do that last week. JuJu you came down with six, seven or eight, not good enough. JuJu will do better this week, they are playing at home, they are playing at home. And they are playing a tough Seattle defence, and I am gonna tell you something, Those people in Pittsburg, they love JuJu. When I was visiting JuJu, they have this song – “JuJu we love you”,”JuJu we love you”. Juju, will show them some love back tomorrow night with the big game that he always wanted to have as the number one receiver for the Pittsburg Steelers.

And my third dude, is Keenan Alan. No one gives this guy credit for being one of the top guys in the National Football League. Keenan Alan had a big day last week, he still had a 100 yards, they won the game, was a big tight game, but this week against Detroit, look for him to go back to back 100 yards, I don’t know if you got up in my records, I think I got like 8 straight 100 yard games, 11 in a season. I don’t know if he’ll make it to eight straight, but he will make it to two in a row.

Those are my fantasy players, fantasy wide receivers for week no.2.