• Antonio Brown
  • Odell Beckham Jr.
  • Matt LeFleur

Let me tell you what Week One is about: New Faces in New Places.

I want to give you my top three fantasy wide receivers, and these guys are going to be for this week’s New Faces in New Places.

One new face in a new place is Antonio Brown, all that is going on with Antonio Brown with him leaving Pittsburg and going to Oakland, trust me, John Gurden is going to throw him the ball and throw that often, look for him to have a big day, that new face in that new place, one new place he would not be new to, is the end zone, he shows so much there…

Another new face in a new place is Odell Beckham Jr., he want to make sure that all there leave yesterday alone and start spending time in today, it was here for him tomorrow, leave NY behind, and starts really spending time in lovely old Cleveland, so he know Baker Mayfield will be tossing that ball to him, and give him every opportunity.

And my last new face is coach Matt LaFleur, in a new place, the Green Bay Packers. He’s given up all to Defante Adams out of all day long, but he had an average of 143 yards last year against the Chicago Bears, he had his best year, 111 receptions, 386 yards, and 13 take-downs, watch him top that this year.

Those are my top three fantasy wide receivers. Watch them go off…

Those playmakers you got from this playmaker!