From the days of my dad holding me as a baby like a football, to the days of him teaching me how to switch hit a baseball, to the days of currently paying my way through college, my dad has always looked out for me and wanted to be my best. I never had a worry about one day not having a father because he radiated commitment to my mom, my brother and I. It’s never been a question of if he’s going to keep providing for us, but more so what he was going to provide next.

When my mom passed away this December, he stepped up as not only a fantastic father, but stepped in as the parent my brother and I were losing. The way he has taken care of us and kept us moving along has been nothing short of remarkable. I can’t imagine the daily struggles he has with being a role model, a man of God, a sympathetic dad, a provider, and a support system for us kids.

Brianna B.