I was born and raised in Miami. Actually got a chance to go to school with Cedric and Quinnel Irvin. Joined the military at 18 and had the chance to see the world. Was blessed to have twin boys at 24 and went to get them when they were 15 months old.

Even though I was active military, I wanted my boys with me. Wasn’t going to shy away from my responsibility because my father showed us how to be men. I wanted to put in them what he put in us. Not knowing that their mom would disappear, I have had them since then. They turned 11 in November. It’s been a hard road, but being a dad is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The father/son(s) moment that has always been with me was when I would go get them from daycare. I would be so exhausted, but when I get there and see them run down those stairs to see me, it strengthened me to do it again the next day. There were days when their smiles were what got me through. It is still tough and we are in AL now, but God has provided for us and He still strengthens us every day.